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Labour Economics & Public Economics

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Work in Progress

"Looking for jobs with good pay and good working conditions" (with Jean- Marc Robin, Sciences-Po)

“Labour Market Adjustment to Tax Changes” (with Thomas Breda, Paris School of Economics and Haomin Wang, Paris School of Economics)

“Job search expectations” (with Sascha Drahs, DIW Berlin, and Amelie Schiprowski, DIW Berlin & IZA)

“Labor Supply of Mothers: The Role of Time Discounting” (with Peter Haan, DIW Berlin, and Ulrich Schneider, DIW Berlin)

“An equilibrium model of marginal employment” (with Michael Neumann, DIW Berlin)


"Wealth effects on job preferences" (2016), Labour Economics 38, p.1-11. Pre-print working paper version. Previous DIW Working paper version.

" Entrepreneurship versus joblessness: Choice and necessity of self-employment" (2016) (with Paolo Falco, OECD & University of Oxford), Journal of Development Economics 118, p.245-265. Pre-print working paper version. DIW Working paper version.

''Locus of Control and Mothers’ Return to Employment'' (2016) (with Eva Berger, Uni Mainz), Journal of Human Capital 10, Volume 4, p.442-481. DIW Working paper version.

"The distribution of crowding costs in public transport: New evidence from Paris" (2015) (with Martin Koning, University of Paris-Est), Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 77, p.182-201. Working paper version.

"Avoir les coudes serrés dans le métro parisien : évaluation contingente du confort des déplacements." (2012) (with Martin Koning, University of Paris-Est), Révue d’Economie Industrielle 140, p.111-144. English translation of article (paywall). English working paper version.

"Watch your Workers Win. Changing Job Demands and HRM Responses" (2011) Management Revue 22 (1)

Non-refereed publications

"Evaluationsmodul: Förderung und Wohlergehen von Kindern" (2013) (with Elisabeth Bügelmayer, Kai-Uwe Müller, Frauke Peter, Marko Ringmann, C. Katharina Spieß, Chrysanthi Tsiasioti, Sven Witzke and Katharina Wrohlich), DIW Berlin - Politikberatung kompakt 73

"Employment, Unemployment, Joblessness and Incomes in Nigeria: 1999-2006” (2009) inPutting Nigeria to work: A strategy for growth and development", Volker Treichel (ed.), World Bank Publications (with Francis Teal, University of Oxford)

Media articles


Labour Economics


Subjective well-being


Other media articles

  • Abgeschreckt, Zeit Chancen Brief, 23rd June 2016 (mit Hannes Ullrich und Felix Weinhardt).
  • Book review of "The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism" by Jeremy Rifkin, ecorev' 42, summer 2015 (not online, moving wall).
  • Book review of "La Nouvelle Écologie politique. Économie et développement humain" by Eloi Laurent and Jean-Paul Fitoussi, ecorev' 32, spring 2009.
  • A letter to the editor, Financial Times, 20th April 2005.

Curriculum Vitae

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